09 August, 2006

Take Me Out To The Ball Park

The Greensboro Grasshoppers will be playing an away game this Friday night against the Hagerstown Suns but that doesn't mean First Horizon Park will be empty as something even better than baseball will be going on there.

album cover

And on that Friday: StreetPlane pilot, Billy Jones will be barnstorming the Bands In The Stands concert featuring Barefoot Manner, his banners in tow, getting his message out to all who attend. Billy was quoted as saying, "Yeah, I'll be flying low and buzzing the place-- who knows, maybe I'll even land on the ball field."

And maybe, just maybe, Billy will get caught by their webcam?

Just think, that could have been your message.

Keep up with all of Billy's adventures in the Diary Of A StreetPlane Pilot. and learn the many ways StreetPlanes could be spreading your message.