11 July, 2006

Build Your Own StreetPlane

We're not scared of a little competition, as a matter of fact we're hoping to put together a world-wide network of StreetPlanes built by people just like you. Someday we hope to ship StreetPlane kits but until that day comes you'll have to build your own. If you like riding and working on bicycles and know how to weld then it may well be you can build your own StreetPlane and start a StreetPlane Business in your town and when our business becomes big enough we'll do our best to send some work your way. Or perhaps you can send some of your business our way after saving a cut for yourself.

We'll talk more about the business stuff later, for now let's concentrate on building your StreetPlane.

We built out first StreetPlane mostly from junk bicycles but that's the hard way and by the time you replace those worn out cables, chains, tires, and brakes you could possibly save money starting out with new bicycles new bicycles like these. Not only will this give you all the basic parts needed but it will also leave you with spare parts for when something wears out.

WACKEMALL-1 is powered by a 4 stroke Subaru/Robin engine from Staton Inc. Staton sells everything you need to mount the motor to most bicycle frames. The WACKEMALL-2 will be powered by electric hub motors and possibly a Staton kit.

We're already in the planning stages for the WACKEMALL-3 and we'll be including go-kart parts & accessories in its construction. As a matter of fact, the WACKEMALL-1 uses heavy duty go cart rod ends in its steering assembly.

You're going to be riding all day, might I suggest the best seat I've ever sat my big ol' butt on?

When it comes to keeping the tires inflated these guys claim to have solved the problem and we'll no doubt give them a try but the Wackemall-1 has done quite well with Slime Tubes. Whichever you choose, just remember that standard bicycle tubes are crap.

I'm surprised no one ever thought of this before. Sure, there's other generator lights out there but this one works without wearing out the sidewalls of your tires, requires no wiring, has two generators, and uses low voltage digital lighting. I haven't used the ReeLight Generator Light yet, but I did just place my order. If you've got experience with this or any of the products I've mentioned I'd love to hear from you.

Thinking of building an e-bike powered StreetPlane? Need new batteries for your e-bike? Why not take a look at NiMH 24V 3000mAh batteries to replace those old lead acid batteries or for that new project bike or hybrid. Look around, they've probably got other sizes as well. At least one brand of electric bicycles uses batteries like these to power their kits.

Need new brake pads. ?

Here's some books that will help:

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Bob Brant

Convert It by Michael Brown

Electric Motors and Control Techniques by Irving M. Gottlieb

Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair by Calvin Jones

And remember: StreetPlanes are green advertising, and just like Flip and Chilly we all need to do our part to stop global warming.

Lastly, it's a smart move to register your bike with the National Bike Registry-- a nationwide data base that police check when they recover a stolen bicycle.

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