28 July, 2006

What's Up With WACKEMALL-2?

You've already seen the world's first StreetPlane, the WACKEMALL-1 but what's next? Though we're still in the earliest stages, construction has already started on the WACKEMALL-2, and thanks to a couple of breakthroughs we managed to save dozens of man hours by simply adapting some preexisting hardware to fit our needs. If only everything were so easy. The folks at Recycles have been a big help this week as have several of our other suppliers.

Here's what I can tell you about WACKEMALL-2: It will be lighter, easier to drive, have a lower center of gravity, stronger wheels, better braking, and a more modern look that's every bit as visually striking as the WACKEMALL-1. And it will have an electrically operated front wheel drive that requires no gasoline whatsoever with a range of 50-100 miles before it becomes necessary to recharge the batteries.

Sorry, but thanks to the Bush Administration we're still not allowed to travel faster than 20 miles per hour.