20 June, 2013

4 Long Years

And we're still trying to get it off the ground as North Carolina's first moped factory at Wackemall.com. Who knows, maybe we'll build another streetplane someday. Maybe not.

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25 November, 2009


Check out EZ Greensboro, your local motorized bicycle dealer and the new line of EZ Motorbikes made in America!

28 March, 2008


04 October, 2007

StreetPlanes Store

Soon StreetPlanes will begin manufacturing ready to ride motorized bicycles and trikes but in the meantime we thought we'd turn you on to some of the parts we've been trying out on StreetPlanes' pre-production prototypes just in case you'd like to try building your own electric or gasoline hybrid vehicle. That's why we've started stocking the StreetPlanes Parts & Accessories Store with many of the items you'll need to make your project a success.

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15 February, 2007

Long Time No News

Time and money are always in short supply. So is weather fit for "flying" this time of year.

We've been busy working on several new StreetPlanes with plans to debut them in the spring. One of them is running on products from Battery Powered Systems. That's right, it's an electric StreetPlane, no polution and no noise. And while the WACKEMALL-1 gets 100 miles per gallon we're thinking our new Battery Powered Systems StreetPlane should get the equavalent of almost 1000 miles per gallon.

We're also working on a "commuter car" version that could be used as a daily driver for most anyone living and working in the city.

10 October, 2006

Video: Flying The WACKEMALL-1

When professional video journalist Tom Lassiter contacted me a couple weeks ago wanting my help with a video for ConvergeSouth, I thought we were doing a commercial for ConvergeSouth. Little did I know Tom was planning to do a video all about me and my StreetPlanes!

Wow, like am I ever blown away! Tom makes me look smarter and funnier than I really am. Tom, the WACKEMALL-1 and I will all be in attendance at ConvergeSouth this weekend, I hope you can be there too!

And Tom, I can never thank you enough.

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