19 July, 2006

WACKEMALL-1 Hard At Work

I find it really amazing that I don't even need to ride the WACKEMALL-1 for it to produce more traffic to my website. Of course, if this were a paying gig I'd be somewhere other than parked in front of my house but as any business owner knows much of the business takes place outside of the view of the public so this morning while I'm calling on potental customers and drawing up plans for another StreetPlane the WACKEMALL-1 sits parked on the street but if you'll tune in to the Journal Of A StreetPlane Pilot late tonight or tomorrow you'll learn of today's StreetPlane adventures.

Also, tonight the WACKEMALL-1 will be landing at Panara Bread on Lawndale Drive-- a busy street in an affulent neighborhood shopping center in Greensboro, North Carolina (map) for our local Blogger MeetUp Group. You need not be a member to attend.

Learn what StreetPlanes can do for your business by clicking back there.