09 July, 2006

What In Tarnation Is A StreetPlane?

The pictures you're looking at are of the WACKEMALL-1, the world's first StreetPlane. Besides making a very visual statement bound to catch the attention of your audience, the WACKEMALL-1 is the green alternative to unsightly billboards and 10 MPG truck-based rolling billboards burning precious diesel fuel at $3.50 a gallon or more.

The WACKEMALL-1 is a human/gasoline powered hybrid capable of exceeding 100 miles per gallon of regular gasoline at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour-- just perfect for operating on downtown city streets and urban areas where trucks might not be allowed to travel. The propeller is powered by the winds and use of the gasoline engine is only necessary on steep inclines and when the rider sees a need to "fly" at full speed for an extended period of time.

StreetPlanes are legal in all 50 US States as prescribed by Federal Laws defining bicycles.

The WACKEMALL-1 can pull your banner(s) or if you'd like to give away free samples of your products we can put your logo on a lightweight trailer.

Future versions of WACKEMALL StreetPlanes will include many other equally stunning designs as well as human/electric hybrids, human/electric/solar hybrids, and possibly even Hydrogen fuel cells. StreetPlanes designed and built to fit your needs are also a possibility.

The WACKEMALL-1 made its debut in the 2006 Independence Day Parade in Greensboro, North Carolina where Wackemall and StreetPlanes are headquartered.

WACKEMALL, StreetPlanes, and StreetPlanes.com are Trademarks of Billy Jones.