09 July, 2006

Why Fly StreetPlanes?

Okay, so what is it we're selling? The short answer-- advertising-- but we've got so much more to offer.

Think about this: StreetPlanes are the most unique advertising since... Well, since advertising began. The very first day the WACKEMALL-1 "flew" the websites advertised on its banners (BloggingPoet.com and LaureatesKids.com) saw marked increases of several hundred first time readers with equally impressive results coming from every "flight" thereafter.

What can we offer you? For starters we can put your banner behind the WACKEMALL-1 and put your name in front of thousands of wide open eyeballs everyday.

We can also combine other forms of advertising along with StreetPlanes. Passing out fliers and/or free samples for instance. Anyone who buys advertising from Streetplanes can also get advertising on almost a dozen other websites for no extra charge. We can make a huge impact at public gatherings sometimes going where cars and trucks are banned. And you should hear the cheers the WACKEMALL-1 gets at a parade.

Think about it, trucks aren't always allowed downtown and billboards are ugly. Bystanders-- your potential customers-- describe StreetPlanes as "cute," "funny," "attractive," "exciting," "cool," and "unique." They like the fact that StreetPlanes get up to 100 miles per gallon and when riding downhill or on flat ground (engine-off) StreetPlanes are as quite as a bicycle. You see, a StreetPlane is in-fact a bicycle as defined by United States Federal Law.

And should the Subaru/Robin engine ever break down... then the pilot can still peddle the rest of the day. You see, StreetPlanes are true hybrids with multiple power systems completely separate from one another. How's that for beating downtime?

StreetPlanes work even when they're sitting still. Land one near a busy intersection and a crowd will draw in no time with people snapping pictures on their digital cameras or camera phones to send to friends and family. That means your advertising will reach customers who never even saw a StreetPlane except in a picture. I believe that's what those big time advertising agencies call "viral advertising."

So think about it and ask yourself if you'd like to buy the most effective advertising in the world today? If your answer is yes then send an e-mail to idleblogs@yahoo.com and let's talk.