17 August, 2006

Advertising That Works

The WACKEMALL-1 parked outside of First Horizon Park.

Are you looking to get your products and services in front of as many eyes as possible? It might be you could paste your adds on the bodies of hookers but just in case that's not the sort of street level advertising you'd like to utilize why not think about airplanes? Or perhaps I should call them Street Planes.

People like StreetPlanes. Everywhere the WACKEMALL-1 lands it draws a crowd, people take pictures, and go back and tell their friends.

Advertising on StreetPlanes is a unique opportunity that will only be available to a few and will include at no extra charge, ads on BloggingPoet.com, LaureatesKids.com, the rest of the Blogging Poet Network, and mentions in the Diary Of A StreetPlane Pilot where thousands will get your message online and offline. Street Planes-- Street Level Advertising That Flies High Above The Rest.

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