12 July, 2006

What Can StreetPlanes Do?

That is the big question, right? Better put, what can StreetPlanes do that billboards can't do?

StreetPlanes can move to where the people are. Sure, there's lots of billboards out there on the highways of America but have you ever seen a crowd gather around a billboard?

StreetPlanes can park-- even in your competitor's parking lot. That is, until he or she threatens to call the police.

StreetPlanes can "fly" past your competitor's business location and not even the police can prevent us from doing that.

StreetPlane pilots can keep an online journal of their adventurers and mention, even link to your business-- a lot.

StreetPlanes can deliver "air mail." Okay, it's not really air mail but StreetPlane pilots can pass out your company literature so that passers-by will take your message home with them.

What else can StreetPlanes do that billboards can't do? How about teaching reading and writing skills to needy children. Yes, StreetPlanes can even do that.