27 August, 2006

Crash Landing!

StreetPlane engineer and test pilot, Brother Without A Name, began "flight testing" of the WACKEMALL-2 early this morning but while doing a series of aerobatics maneuverers commonly referred to as loop-d-loops, the superstructure of the WACKEMALL-2 began to fail and caused Brother Without A Name to crash to the ground barely escaping injury. The "flight crew" quickly gathered up the pieces, hauled the WACKEMALL-2 back to the East Hanger and managed to have Brother Without A Name back at the controls by late afternoon when StreetPlane pilot, Billy Jones, joined him aboard the WACKEMALL-1.

Both pilots reported the WACKEMALL-2 to be even better than before this morning's crash.

24 August, 2006

We've Got Wings!

We put the wings on the WACKEMALL-2 last night. (Sorry, no pictures until it's in the air-- trade secrets, you know.) Of course, once we completely assemble the WACKEMALL-2 we'll have to take it apart so that we can gring all the welds and finish (paint) the parts before we wrap the wings.

Here's a great picture of the WACKEMALL-1 at Horizon Park, the home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, and here's another while awaiting the opening of one of those big box stores.

And I almost forgot we've "landed" a new customer, BillysToyStore.com. Just think, that could have been your business getting all that attention.

17 August, 2006

Advertising That Works

The WACKEMALL-1 parked outside of First Horizon Park.

Are you looking to get your products and services in front of as many eyes as possible? It might be you could paste your adds on the bodies of hookers but just in case that's not the sort of street level advertising you'd like to utilize why not think about airplanes? Or perhaps I should call them Street Planes.

People like StreetPlanes. Everywhere the WACKEMALL-1 lands it draws a crowd, people take pictures, and go back and tell their friends.

Advertising on StreetPlanes is a unique opportunity that will only be available to a few and will include at no extra charge, ads on BloggingPoet.com, LaureatesKids.com, the rest of the Blogging Poet Network, and mentions in the Diary Of A StreetPlane Pilot where thousands will get your message online and offline. Street Planes-- Street Level Advertising That Flies High Above The Rest.

For more info, please check the links to the right. --------->>

09 August, 2006

Take Me Out To The Ball Park

The Greensboro Grasshoppers will be playing an away game this Friday night against the Hagerstown Suns but that doesn't mean First Horizon Park will be empty as something even better than baseball will be going on there.

album cover

And on that Friday: StreetPlane pilot, Billy Jones will be barnstorming the Bands In The Stands concert featuring Barefoot Manner, his banners in tow, getting his message out to all who attend. Billy was quoted as saying, "Yeah, I'll be flying low and buzzing the place-- who knows, maybe I'll even land on the ball field."

And maybe, just maybe, Billy will get caught by their webcam?

Just think, that could have been your message.

Keep up with all of Billy's adventures in the Diary Of A StreetPlane Pilot. and learn the many ways StreetPlanes could be spreading your message.

07 August, 2006

What's The Newest On StreetPlanes?

Construction has already begun on the WACKEMALL-2 and an improved banner trailer. Unlike the WACKAMALL-1, the 2 will be a canard configuration that combines human, electric, and wind power to make a three-way hybrid. Construction is moving at a much faster pace than with our first StreetPlane and with a little luck the WACKEMALL-2 will be flying around Greensboro.

Examples of canard style aircraft may be found here.

05 August, 2006

Flying With The Creative Class

In his Diary Of A Street Plane Pilot, Billy Jones tells us of his latest flight aboard the WACKEMALL-1-- a visit to an art gallery.

Just think of all the exposure your business could have gotten on a Friday night in downtown Greensboro.

01 August, 2006

The WACKEMALL-1 On Patrol

Tonight was Neighborhood Night Out 2006 and the WACKEMALL-1 and StreetPlane pilot, Billy Jones attempt their first grass field landing. Read about tonight's adventurers and more in the Diary Of A StreetPlane Pilot and see where your ads could have been.